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Why choose us

DPSC Uses a Team Approach to Adapt Quickly


DPSC’s ancillary delivery system is not a one-dimensional process. DPSC uses a team approach that allows our partners the multi-dimensional assistance needed to have a successful Chiropractic benefit.


DPSC’s primary team provides the support and assistance to our partners, providers and plan members questions or issues. Our primary team is skilled on how crucial correct, quick and courteous communication is to questions or issues.


The primary team understands the importance of correct data and service information transferred to our partners while at the same time remaining HIPAA compliant.


DPSC’s primary utilization review, quality assurance and case management matrix are propriety and copyrighted by DPSC, Inc. The design of the matrix is to maximize your companies’ chiropractic benefit while keeping cost of benefit fair to provider and plan members.

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